Road Reports and Conditions Road Reports and Conditions

With some roads in the Flinders Shire unsealed it is very helpful to become familar with road conditions and keep up-to-date when travelling, especially during wet season. 


Road Reports 

Flinders Shire Road Report 


Click here to visit the Flinders Shire Council website for the most recent road reports. 


PLEASE NOTE: Flinders Shire Council road reports only apply to the roads within the Flinders Shire boundary and not neighbouring shires.  It is advised that motorists proceed with EXTREME CAUTION travelling on all roads during wet weather.  Not all roads may have been inspected aty the time this condition report was released and conditions are constantly changing.  Caution is urged if traversing flooded creek crossings as road surfaces may be damaged, submerged matter may not be clearly visible and underlying currents can be swift.  Road shoulders of sealed roads generally becomes soft during heavy rain events and movement off the bitumen seal is discouraged.  ROAD REPORTS ARE ISSUED FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL MEMBERS OF THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC AND WE ASK FOR YOUR COOPERATION.  


Queensland Government Traffic and Travel Information

The 131940 Traffic & Travel Information (TTI) website has been designed to provide road users with a real-time view of activities occurring on major Queensland roads. This provides road users with a resource tool to make informed travel decisions. Site users will be able to view:

  •     Traffic alerts, traffic flow and road conditions

  •     Information on current road works

  •     Information on special events (e.g. sporting events, Anzac Day marches, etc.)

  •     Images from web cameras located in different parts of Queensland.

Travellers can access this information by phoning 13 19 40 or visiting the 13 19 40 website

Road Conditions, Distances and Further Information 

Distances from Hughenden 

So, how far away is Townsville?  How long will it take me to get to Winton?  It is how many kilometres to the Northern Territory did you say?!  Find out all of the distances from Hughenden by clicking here and downloading the Distances to Hughenden Information Sheet. 


Road Conditions 

Please note these are the general conditions of each road and weather events are not taken into account. For a current up-to-date report on closures etc on each road please view the road report above.   


Flinders Highway (East - Charters Towers, Townsville) 

Fully sealed double lane highway, with narrower areas between Hughenden, Prairie and Torrens Creek.  In wet conditions, road can be cut at some of the smaller creeks along the highway.  Motorists need to be aware of pot holes and other damage however road in good condition.  


Flinders Highway (West - Richmond, Julia Creek, Cloncurry & Mount Isa)

Fully sealed double lane highway with some narrow sectons.  Caution between Hughenden and Richmond.  In wet conditions road can be cut by some rivers / reeks along the way. 


Kennedy Development Road (North - Porcupine Gorge, the Lynd, Undara, Mount Garnett, Tablelands, Cairns etc)

The road to Porcupine Gorge National Park is sealed.  The road is accessible by all vehicles, however can still be affected by wet weather.

The Kennedy Development Road has approximatly just over 50% sealed, spilt into sections.  The unsealed sections can change qucikly with rain and can have bull dust patches and corrugation.  The road is suitable for 4wd and High Clearance Vehicles and not recommended for small vehicles such as sedans etc.  The Kennedy Developement Road past the Oasis Roadhouse is completely sealed, double lane road.  

If you are unsure about travelling on an unsealed road and would like to travel north, an option may be the Gregory Developmental Road which travels north from Charters Towers and is fully sealed.


Kennedy Development Road (South - Winton, Longreach, Barcaldine) 

Good condition, fully sealed, double lane road.  Narrow in some sections.  It is possible for rain to close road when creeks are running.


Hughenden - Muttaburra 

Majority of road unsealed, recommended to 4WD or High Clearance vehicles only.  Some areas have black soil and when wet can become very dangerous, very quickly.  Some corrugation.


Prairie - Muttaburra

Sealed until Kooroorinya Nature Reserve (approx 54km) and 12km travelling from Muttaburra.  Recommended 4wd or High Clearance vehicles.  Some corrugation.   


Torrens Creek - Aramac 

First 35km (approx) is unsealed, however well maintained.  Be cautious of dust and drive to conditions.  May have corrugation.  Sealed section is double lane road and wide.  


Basalt Byways 

The Basalt Byways is approx 90km and a 4WD track, majority unsealed.  The Byway departs Hughenden on the Kennedy Developmental Road, approx 2km from the Flinders Discovery Centre and loops to bring traveller out just west of town.  Travellers are to exercise extreme caution in gravel sections.


Flinders River Byways 

The Flinders River Byway connects the Flinders Highway and the Kenndy Development Road and is unsealed.  The turn off is just past Prairie and the byway is 32km.  Travellers then can travel towards Porcupine Gorge or travel 28km back to Hughenden.  The byway crosses the sandy base of the Flinders River and travels through rugged country with views of basalt walls running along the horizon.  Recommended 4WD. 


Eromanga Sea Byway 

Approx 64km sealed, 116km unsealed.  Departs Hughenden and loops to Prairie after heading south on the Muttaburra road.  Beware of corrugation, recommended 4WD.


Mount Walker Lookout 

Completely sealed, suitable for most vehicles however may not be suitable for large buses or vehicles towing as there is a 16% incline driving the mountain. 


Roads in Other Surrounding Shires

While travelling in Outback Queensland it pays to be aware of road conditions in surrounding Shire's especially during wet season when the road you are travelling on may merge into another Shire.  Neigbouring Shires include: 

Etheridge Shire Council

Richmond Shire Council 

Winton Shire Council

Charters Towers Regional Council