Attractions in Hughenden 

Flinders Discovery Centre

Located on the Overlander's Way and part of Australia's Dinosaur Trail, the Flinders Discovery Centre houses an amazing exhibition of fossils and gems from around the world, as well as an extensive and growing display of fossils from the local area.  "Hughie" is the star attraction; a life size replica of the Muttaburrasaurus.  

The Centre is also a booking agent for Travel Train, REX & Queensland Parks and have an extensive range of information on many destinations.  

Located at 37 Gray Street, Hughenden


Federation Rotunda

One of the largest artworks, the Windmill Rotunda in Brodie Street is one of 5 sculptures erected to celebrate Centenary of Federation in 2001.  Designed and made by local artists Terry Lindsay and Sam Brown this magnificent sculpture features two 20' blade windmills making a very impressive rotunda to walk through and rest under. 

In the rotunda are samples of bush furniture from another local artist Toby Rogers. There are interperation panels in the Rotunda which explains the importance of windmills and bores when working on the land.  

Located in Brodie Street, Hughenden


Wirrila Mill

Gerald Elliott from Wirilla Station, the late Ian Mitchell and Pauline Mitchell from Ingle Downs Station and Harry and Sue Forster from Belfield Station, Winton donated this windmill to the Flinders Shire Council.  It was erected by Tim Matt from Pastoral Construction Services and Council's contractors and labourers in November 2008.

Sydney Williams and Co Pty Ltd made this windmill and it is only one of fifteen 35 foot mills ever manufactured.  The first six mills were made in Rockhampton with the last nine made in Sydney.  The Wirrila Mill is number 11. 

This mill could pump in excess 250,000 gallons or 1 million litres (a mega litre) of water per day with an average wind. This supplied water for stock, delivered along small water courses across the land known as bore drains, some up to 45km long. Each stroke, if there was no slippage would deliver 69 litres of water.

Located on the southern side of the Ernest Henry Bridge overlooking the Flinders River


Eco Walk on Flinders

Enjoy a 1.5km walk along the banks of the Flinders River where our ecosystems have been replicated.  Along the path are species of flora and local artwork.  

Located on Little Avenue, along the banks of the Flinders River

Cemetery Arts & Symbolism Self Guided Tour

This self guided tour, directs the visitor around 24 selected headstones and describes the sy,bols carved on them and the meanings they represent. The Hughenden Cemetery has a large number of elaborate headstones dating back to 1886.  

The details included on these headstones, carefully chosen by loved ones, and skilfully carved by stone masons tell many stories through symbolism.

Located at the Hughenden Cemetery travelling west on the Flinders Highway


Flinders River

Queensland's longest river extends 1004 km and flows into the Gulf of Carpentaria.  The river was named after Matthew Flinders by Lieutenant Stokes of HMS Beagle in 1841.  The River Walk incorporates a walking trail along the banks of the Flinders River.   


Mutt - Full bodied replica of the Muttaburrasaurus

"Mutt" arrived from the Tropical Museum of Queensland in 1999.  "Mutt" a very photogenic, friendly character who welcomes all gueststo Hughenden.  This Muttaburrasaurus is a favourite with many who pass through the township.  

Located on the corner of Gray and Stansfield Street.  


Historic Coolabah Tree and Surveyors Peg

Frederick Walker and Sir William Landsborough, whilst searching for Burke and Wills, blazed this Coolabah tree.  The cement sculpture of a surveyors' peg is adorned with four brass plaques representing historical figures and events of the area.  

Located in Stansfield Street over the causeway leading to the Hughenden Showgrounds.  



Hughenden is the home of may impressive sculptural pieces adnoring buildings and garden areas throughout the town.  The sculptures are made and designed by local artists.  These include: 

  • Darby the Dinosaur - Large wall sculpture depicting the Muttaburrasaurus
  • Leanneosaur - Life sized flying metal sculpture of a Queensland Pterosaur.  
  • Fish Sculptures - Metal fish made from washers and scrap metal. 
  • Pterosaurs - Three metal sculptures on the roof of the Flinders Discovery Centre, one in a full skeletal resting state.  
  • Ammonite Sculpture - A representation of an ammonite fossil made from windmill park 

Various locations, call into the Flinders Discovery for your map with all hot spots marked. 


Hebrew Grave

The grave of Jeanette Tolano, who died in 1883, is the only remaining grave from the old cemetery.  It is believed that it was never relocated for spiritual reasons. 

Located behind Richmond Hill Drive on the road to the Waste Plant. 


Robert Gray Memorial Park

Located on the northern banks of the Flinders River, this park is dedicated to the local characters and pioneers of the district.  The Robert Gray Memorial Park offers visitors free BBQ's, shady picnic areas and public toilets.  

Scroll through the park and admire the fish sculptures made by local artists or read the stories the past residents of Hughenden.  

Located on the northern side of the Flinders River